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A Fresh Look at Africa in Ireland: Telling Africa's Story

Welcome to, the website of the African Cultural Project. is published in Ireland.

It is aimed, first and foremost, at the Irish-based audience; its primary objective being to provide information on Africa which is currently not available through the conventional sources most people in Ireland would turn to.


While comment and analysis of major topics and issues on Africa appearing in the Irish media will form an important part of the content, Critical Analysis and Objectivity will be the distinguishing features of our approach to the subjects and issues covered. We hope to present views and engage in informed debate on Africa which currently seem to be lacking.

There will be sections devoted to Features, Reviews (Books, Music, Theatre, etc.), the Arts and Sports.

The Education section will address topics relating to Africa as specified in the curriculum at the first and second levels of the Irish education system.

Ultimately, we hope the information presented will lead to increased knowledge on/about Africa and all who inhabit that continent, sharing in both their agonies, but more so, highlighting the resilience Africans possess which enables them to cope with the disappointments.

Introducing the African Cultural Project

The African Cultural Project is the foremost organisation for African cultural activity in Ireland, and the main objective behind its foundation is to Tell Africa's Story. This story is aimed at promoting an understanding of the African continent and of the countries and people of Africa.

Since its establishment, the African Cultural Project has been co-ordinating a multi-disciplinary programme of cultural and educational events featuring Africa's rich and diverse cultural traditions in collaboration with major institutions. These have included the National Concert Hall, the Chester Beatty Library, the Irish Writers' Centre, the Public Library system, Local Authority Arts Officers, the Alliance Française Dublin, University Language departments, among others.

Some of the founding members of the African Cultural Project were involved in organising the First African Music Club Nights in Dublin, featuring African and Caribbean popular urban music, from September, 1988, the year of Dublin City's Millennium celebrations of its foundation in 988 AD. Founding members also organised other events and projects prior to the organisation's establishment.

Previous and current activities include the following:

  • organised an annual Africa Festival from 1995 and 1998.

  • an Educational programme on Africa in Schools and Public Libraries.

  • a Festival of Literature for Younger Readers featuring African books.

  • Research & Publications on Africa-related issues.

  • a Youth Arts programme

We in the African Cultural Project don't claim to speak on behalf of the whole of Africa or, for that matter, for all the 700 million plus Africans. What we do, rather, is to identify people from a particular country and seek their views on a specific or particular issue, and to get their involvement in any educational programme we might propose. In this way, we respect their right to decide how to explain their own issues or "tell their own particular story".

Legal Status

The African Cultural Project is a registered not-for-profit company and is recognised for charitable donations by the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland with Charity Number 11316.

The African Cultural Project's charitable status recognition by the Revenue Commisioners entitles it to tax-deductible donations from individuals and companies.

Further Information

If you are interested in our work and would like to know more or find out how to get involved in some aspect, please contact us through:

A links page offers directions to major sites devoted to Africa, including media houses which have substantial African editions with articles on Africa and African subjects.

If you have any questions about this website, you may contact us at:


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